Term 2

Term 2 is looking like a very busy one!

Mr Holleran is away on Sick leave due to a operation. We are looking forward to his return soon.

Breakfast program is introducing Baked Beans and Porridge to the menu over the cooler months.

We will continue to update our Facebook page with pictures and info.


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Many small rural schools started life in the late 1800’s. They are at the centre of small communities and provide a focal point for support agencies, local business and government funding.

Australia is all about the diversity that abounds in small rural communities. Small schools provide great educational and social opportunities which are enhanced when these communities collaborate.

Twenty-two schools within a 30 minute radius of Shepparton have combined to promote their unique rural communities and the schools within.

http://www.localsmallschools.com.au  Will take you to a page of logos linked to these individual communities. Collaboration is the key to success.


Harston Primary – over 12 years.

Searching through the school photos, Mrs W came across some of the school over the past 12 years. 

The school has certainly changed in that time!

2001: students playing on the oval

2002: school and grounds

2003: using computers

2004: school and grounds

2006: whiteboards were installed in the classrooms

2009: ‘National Pride’ funds were used to paint and repair the school