Students of the past 12 years

Each year our year 6 students make a personal portfolio of their time at Harston Primary. Searching back through our digital photos brings back many memories for the students who started here. You can often hear conversations about who students that have left are as well as comparing school stories with students who have joined Harston Primary later on. 

These are some of the photos we have rediscovered.

2001: 11 preps commenced at Harston Primary. Most of these students are now 18 and are completing year 12!

2003: Cluster day at the Kyabram Fauna Park

2004: Unlike other teachers, Mr H still has the same haircut!

2007: year 6 students – hard to believe they were our little preps in 2001.

2007: Our preps who are our current year 6 students.

2009: Junior room girls

Harston Primary – over 12 years.

Searching through the school photos, Mrs W came across some of the school over the past 12 years. 

The school has certainly changed in that time!

2001: students playing on the oval

2002: school and grounds

2003: using computers

2004: school and grounds

2006: whiteboards were installed in the classrooms

2009: ‘National Pride’ funds were used to paint and repair the school